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The oil and gas industry is one of the largest and most important industries the world over. The success of the oil and gas sector globally depends partly on having an appropriate legal environment, both regulatory and contractual.

The Masters in Oil and Gas Law at the Institute of Petroleum Studies Kampala aims to provide its graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to work in and on the legal aspects of this vital and exciting global industry.

The oil and gas sector is a thriving, exciting and well remunerated area for a lawyer to practice in. The LLM in oil and Gas Law covers both private law aspects of the sector, such as joint ventures and contractual arrangements, and also public law and regulatory aspects, such as environmental protection, health and safety regulation and taxation.

The focus is upon setting practical and real problems in a wider conceptual context with the aim that graduates should not just know but understand the relevant areas of oil and gas law. Several examples are drawn from international best practices in Oil and Gas law.

Duration: 15 months


  • Students will be able to understand why oil and gas exploration, production and distribution require specialised legal solutions and the general characteristics of modern oil and gas law regimes.
  • Students will be able to get a working knowledge of the Ugandan legal regime for oil and gas exploration, production and commercialisation sufficient to permit the correct identification and categorisation of legal problems arising in these fields and a sound application of the general rules relevant to their solution
  • To provide the capacity for a critical evaluation of the oil and gas regime, by reference to relevant concepts of efficiency and justice, public policy objectives, and alternative legal solutions adopted in other global but comparable jurisdictions.


Course Duration: 15 Months  

Course Description
The energy market is crucial to the global economy, and is one of the most profitable industries there is. This degree will give you highly valued industry insight, including an overview of contemporary issues in the market. Through its uniquely-designed syllabus, the MBA (Oil and Gas Management) program aims to train and produce graduates who have completed their first degrees in engineering, business administration, accounting, etc. in the area of business administration with concentration on the management of the Oil & Gas industry and its related businesses.

The MBA degree program is designed for professionals who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills to embark on administrative and managerial careers related to the oil and gas sector. To pursue a management career in the fast growing Oil & Gas domain, the

Institute of Petroleum Studies (IPSK) offers a unique program that is designed to produce future managers and leaders who can handle the ever changing nature of challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving sector. You will develop thorough understanding of strategic business issues across the entire hydrocarbon value chain from exploration to retailing of petroleum and petroleum products.

Designed For:

  1. Executives from governmental and non-governmental energy companies
  2. Industry professionals and managers from upstream to downstream
  3. Professionals from international organizations
  4. Technical specialists moving to a general management position
  5. Professionals from international financial institutions (researchers, analysts) or government organizations (petroleum directorates, ministries of energy, geological surveys, trade bodies etc.