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Bachelor Of Science in Environmental, Health & Safety Management


The BSc in Environmental, Health & Safety Management program provides a strong foundation for students to advance their careers by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to address the complex and evolving regional, national and global challenges related to Health, Safety and the Environment. An understanding of the fundamentals of incident causation, organizational behaviour, risk assessment, occupational hygiene, environmental ecology basics and models of safety management are pre-requites for today’s ESH practitioner. Therefore the program will provide students with the knowledge required to develop, implement, and evaluate occupational health and safety programs and systems in the workplace.

The course is designed to provide knowledge common to both Environmental Protection and Occupational Health and Safety. It is addressed from a global perspective, including both developed and less developed countries. The human exposure pathways for environmental and occupational pollutants are examined along with the toxicological methods for evaluating the adverse effects of pollutants. The National and International Legal frameworks will be explored with regards to their interface with both environmental and occupational control.

The modules have been designed to enable development of the intellectual and analytical skills appropriate for health and safety professionals in the 21st century, and develop effective safe operating procedures and comprehensive safety and health programs to address identified hazards, conditions, and practices in a cost effective manner.

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health and Safety Management (BSc EHS) course aims to provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary graduate study of environmental and occupational health for students from diverse backgrounds and to enable them to develop the knowledge and skills necessary in modern Environmental Health and Safety Management practice.

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