BSc. Oil & Gas Management

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The BSc. Oil & Gas Management lays the foundation for sound reasoning in Oil and Gas industry,it gives you a stepping stone into the rapidly changing and stimulating world of energy exploration, Oil and Gas project management and the marketing, organization and retailing of products concerned with the extractive industries.

This uniquely tailored degree is delivered over three calender years with academic detail and intensity. Graduates with a degree in Oil and Gas Management will have a wealth of employment opportunities open to them. You may choose to work in one of the major global energy firms, host government; National Oil companies or you may secure a position in one of the many smaller companies that offer ancillary services to the Oil and Gas industry.

There are numerous companies involved in up-stream and down-stream operations; consultants, transporters and transfer specialists, maintenance companies, retailers, to name some examples.

Whatever you choose, the world is your oyster.

Wherever you are based in the world, with a BSc in Oil and Gas Management there are plenty of opportunities.

This three year course starts with the introduction of the oil and gas industry and a number of business oriented courses which include

  • Principles of business management
  • Business communication skills and
  • Business economics.


The course proceeds with:

  • principles of marketing and accounting,
  • business law and computer applications.
  • Oil and gas management,
  • international energy policies and
  • taxation management are other modules that will be taught in this course.


In the third and final year of study, students will be introduced to:

  • management in the energy and other resource industries,
  • oil and gas finance risk analysis, and
  • human resource management.


The course culminates in students preparing a research proposal from their chosen area of interest and this will be duly supervised and graded by a staff member knowledgeable in this research area.

To be considered for an Undergraduate degree you will need to have obtained at least two principle passes at A-Level or a Diploma for under-graduates and may need to pass an entry exam at the institute.

Non English speaking applicants may be required to do an English proficiency test before being fully enrolled.

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