Oil and Gas Fundamentals Certificate

Oil and Gas Fundamentals Certificate

Uganda’s Oil and Gas activity in the last decade, particularly in Western Uganda, has also meant an accelerated need for a holistic industry education at the most basic level.

Without doubt then, reputable oil and gas education stands as Uganda’s most professional need of the near future. Related sector preparation through knowledge creation is therefore essential in shaping the next oil professional. 

The skilling agenda in Uganda has taken on a pace of urgency, more so as upstream, pipeline and refinery projects advance with breakneck speed. Preparation in this context however means professionals like you, go with those who have been there long enough to command authority on contextual oil and gas education in Uganda.

Institute of Petroleum Studies (IPSK) and Quest Energy are now positioned where this need begins.

In 2020, these two entities are consequently filling this gap by combining year’s oil industry education and consultancy to deliver customized training designed to both cater for your busy schedule while professionally preparing you for the dawn of a new industrial era. This March, Quest Energy and IPSK will run a certified weekend-only training “The Essentials in oil and gas” course will boost your industry profile and prepare you for the inevitable sector demands.

Modules handled will feature health and safety, an essential element of a green future in an industrialized future. Introduction to oil and gas law, an overview of anticipated legal dynamics of this highly volatile sector, and Geopolitics, a grasp of the geo-political intricacies connected to oil and gas production, among others.

In lieu of your professional placement and profile, we are convinced a short course like this uniquely fits ambitious industry leaders, experts and other technocrats.

Please apply now while its relevance lasts.

We’ll be pleased to hear from you. 

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