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The Master of Laws (LLM)  covers both private law aspects of the sector, such as joint ventures and contractual arrangements, and also public law and regulatory aspects, such as environmental protection, health and safety regulation and taxation.

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest and most important industries the world over. The success of the oil and gas sector globally depends partly on having an appropriate legal environment, both regulatory and contractual. The Masters in Oil and Gas Law at the Institute of Petroleum Studies Kampala aims to provide its graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to work in and on the legal aspects of this vital and exciting global industry. The oil and gas sector is a thriving, exciting and well remunerated area for a lawyer to practice in.

The focus is upon setting practical and real problems in a wider conceptual context with the aim that graduates should not just know but understand the relevant areas of oil and gas law. Several examples are drawn from international best practices in Oil and Gas law.

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Entry Requirements
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IPSK is receiving applications for the May 2021 Intake. 

    To qualify for admission to this programme the candidate must possess: 

  1. A second lower bachelors degree
  2. Two academics / character references (attached with the UCU FORM)
  3. Second Lower class degree in any field.
  4. Academic Transcripts
  5. O’Level and A’Level certificates
  6. Two passport photos
  7. Copy of curriculum vitae
  8. Personal statement.

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Why Study At IPSK?

IPSK is the Premier provider of Petroleum & Energy Education in East Africa. Situated in the tranquil suburb of Muyenga at the heart of Kampala, the institute is proud to be leading the way in the delivery of Undergraduate and Post graduate, world class education, research and training in Petroleum and Energy studies.

Institute of Petroleum Studies Kampala offers the kind of education needed for leadership in a rapidly changing world.