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The IPSK Story

We understand that quality education (more so in the Oil and Gas learning) shouldn’t always necessitate crossing borders. And so, right here, at home in Kampala, Uganda, we are committed to pioneering foremost training to those who ready to navigate the industrial complexities of the future, those who look further and anticipate the dynamics of a coming industrialized age, more so in Africa where discoveries of natural resources has recently escalated.

Where expertise is necessary, our programs in oil and gas management (Diploma and Bachelors’)have not been found wanting. Years past have therefore been our evidence that our role is not only a welcome but a needed, especially in the burgeoning Oil and gas Sector.

Situated in the tranquil suburb of Muyenga at the heart of Kampala, the institute is proud to be leading the way in the delivery of Undergraduate and Post graduate, world class education, research and training in Petroleum and Energy studies.

Reach us today and you may feature in this unfolding dream of equipping the future of oil and Gas competence.

Why Choose us

Institute of Petroleum Studies Kampala offers the kind of education needed for leadership in a rapidly changing world.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing an environment that inspires Excellence through quality education.

Our Vision

We aspire to become a leading regional institute of energy and Management studies excelling in research and advanced education.