BOG 1203

Business Law

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BOG 1203
3 CU

Module Overview

This course explores the legal environment in which businesses operate and studies the interaction between business and the legal system. Students examine various areas of the law which are integral to operating a business enterprise. Topics include contracts, torts, agency, Uniform Commercial Code, ethical and criminal implications of business actions, property laws, and the legal aspects of different business entities. Business owners, managers, accountants, paralegals, and all those seeking to gain or broaden their general understanding of the legal system should benefit from this course.

Learning Objectives

  1. Appreciate the relevance of business law to individuals and businesses and the role of law in an economic, political and social context;
  2. Identify the fundamental legal principles behind contractual agreements;
  3. Examine how businesses can be held liable in tort for the actions of their employees;
  4. Explain the legal and fiscal structure of different forms business organisations and their responsibilities as an employer;
  5. Acquire problem solving techniques and to be able to present coherent, concise legal argument.

Mode of Delivery

Lectures, Group discussions and Tutorials


Course Works 50%
Written Examination 50%