MBA 7201

Executive Leadership & HR Management

Course ID
MBA 7201
Assoc. Prof. Vincent Bagire
4 CU

Module Overview

The course offers an in-depth examination of factors that contribute to successful executive leadership practice in a wide variety of organizational settings. Topics include what leadership is, the challenges leaders face, the impact leadership has and how leaders build organizations and key relationships. Emphasis is placed on leadership knowledge, approach and application.

Emphasis is placed on leadership knowledge, approach and application.


  • Describe and analyse what leadership is and the unique role of executives
  • Discuss leadership and HR management challenges
  • Discuss the five leadership practices
  • Analyze the relationship between: staff, board and community

How you study

Lectures, Group discussions and Tutorials

Course Works – 60%
Written Examination – 40%
Total – 100%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

a) Identify and anticipate leadership and HR management challenges

b) Build successful organizations by focusing on organizational clarity and creating a cohesive leadership/HR team

c) Apply five leadership practices

d) Demonstrate how to strengthen key relationships: staff, board and community

e) Integrate information and application for leadership self-improvement

Mode of Delivery

• Lecture
• Demonstration
• Project Work
• The general delivery of the content should be learner centered


• Case-based assignments 30%
• Group Assignment 30%
• Final Exam 40%