MBA 7102

Financial & Management Accounting

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MBA 7102
Samuel Mutebi
4 CU

Module Overview

The course mainly focuses on the application of International Finance Reporting Standards (IFRS) to the upstream oil and gas industry. It looks at the core IFRS Standards (IFRS), illustrating their application by reference to oil and gas case studies and looks at those standards which specifically apply to oil and gas activities and how they are being implemented by the sector.

The course will look at those areas which have led to the greatest impact on results or workload in converting from national GAAP to IFRS, areas which have given most concern to regulators and auditors and update you on recent and forthcoming developments. 

Particular emphasis is given to accounts of extractive industries/oil companies


  • Explore key issues in accounting for upstream oil and gas exploration, development and production activities.
  • Analyze recent and current developments in the field and their implications on accounting principles and concepts
  • Review the essential aspects of accounting for oil and gas joint ventures.
  • Analyze the significance for emerging energy rich economies of striking appropriate production-sharing sharing agreements with the international oil industry

How you study

Lectures, Group discussions and Tutorials

Course Works – 60%
Written Examination – 40%
Total – 100%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, learners should be able to:

1. Apply the core IFRS standards to the oil and gas industry

2. Review proposed and forthcoming IFRS developments

3. Examine the key issues in converting from national GAAP to IFRS

4. Analyse case studies to illustrate issues common to the oil and gas sector