BOG 1204

Introduction To Computer Applications

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BOG 1204
3 CU

Module Overview

The focus of this is to introduce the background and significance of the computer concepts of computer hardware and software, networking and the internet, and the various computer devices and their applications, such as operating systems, input/output devices etc, to students. Students shall, in addition, be exposed to some practical applications such as in ms word, ms excel, PowerPoint and other presentations, and browsing the internet. In light of globalization and the pace of developments in the world, it is expected that the course would help students to understand the world better and be able to live useful lives.

Learning Objectives

  1. To enable students the basics of the computer and its components
  2. To help students acquire sufficient knowledge, and the skills that will facilitate their being computer literature.
  3. To enable them be familiar with, and be able to use the internet and browse the World Wide Web.
  4. To facilitate their appreciation of the computer and its various applications too their daily lives.

Mode of Delivery

Lectures, Group discussions and Tutorials


Course Works 50%
Written Examination 50%