LLM 7101

Introduction to oil and gas

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LLM 7101
Patrick Ruharuza
4 CU

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Module Overview

Without assuming any previous knowledge of the industry this module introduces learners to the oil and gas industry, and enables them to critically evaluate and appraise opportunities and challenges in this market.

In particular it focuses on enhancing the learners understanding of how the oil and gas industry operate, the main challenges, trends and the future prospects, oil and gas policies and frameworks locally, regionally and internationally.


  • Enable a basic understanding of how oil and gas are formed and extracted
  • Understand the various phases of the oil and gas value chain-upstream, midstream and downstream
  • Understand the key industry players
  • Understand and explain key industry challenges

How you study

Lectures, Group discussions and Tutorials

Course Works – 60%
Written Examination – 40%
Total – 100%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

1. Compare the approaches of different states to the exploitation of their oil and gas resources, and the different legal vehicles used to support and control the involvement of private capital

2. Analyze the specific issues presented by offshore oil and gas resources

3. Identify the problems that may arise at each stage of the exploration, production and disposition of oil and gas, and to find their legal solutions

4. Evaluate the legal approaches used to any special environmental and occupational safety problems posed by oil and gas operations