BOG 1101

Introduction to The Oil & Gas Industry

Course ID
BOG 1101
4 CU

Module Overview

This course introduces learners to the oil and gas industry, and enables them to critically evaluate and appraise the opportunities and challenges in this market. Provide the context in which the global oil and gas industry operates, highlighting its global significance in the past and present. The course is intend to help students: Identify the key players in the international oil and gas industry; Explore the main challenges facing the industry, its responses to these challenges and future directions within the wider energy context; and analyze international energy policy frameworks and strategies.

Mode of delivery

Lectures, Group discussions and Tutorials

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, learners should be able to:

• Discuss the objectives and functions of and commercial relationships between companies and organisations in the upstream oil and gas supply chain.

• Evaluate the significance of marketing and marketing issues to upstream oil and gas organisations.

• Analyse the broad principles and practical implementation of petroleum taxation regimes in various regions of the world.

• Utilize knowledge and understanding on conventional business administration subjects such as general accounting, economics, management, marketing, business law and finance.

• Exhibit such skills that are required on negotiation, operations management, oil & gas accounting and project management for the energy sector.

• Evaluate basic science concepts and principles relating to physical geology, petroleum geology and energy technologies.

• Utilize fundamental knowledge of oil & gas technologies, and apply safety and risk assessment techniques.