BOG 2201

Legal Aspects Of The Oil & Gas Industry

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BOG 2201
3 CU

Module Overview

This course is created to give you the knowledge about oil and gas as a concept and as a natural resource. This course will equip students with the knowledge of the subject oil and gas law which is a branch of law on petroleum and natural gas and their operations.

Learning Objectives

This course aims at providing the participants with basic knowledge and clear understanding of the law with respect to oil and gas. It is aimed at giving you the requisite knowledge of the facts, background, and development of oil and gas with the legal developments that are relevant to it. You will learn the theories of ownership of oil and gas, the nature of interests in oil and gas, concessions and agreements

Mode of Delivery

Lectures, Group discussions and Tutorials

Leaning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students should be able:
• To understand the origin, nature and development of oil and gas.
• To understand the theories of ownership and control of petroleum and their incidences.
• The nature of interests in oil and gas operations with a view to distinguishing between
• The various interests that can be created and their major characteristics.
• To understand the concept of indigenous rights of ownership of land and minerals


Course Works 50%
Written Examination 50%