Safety Technology and Risk Management

4 CU
Lecture, Online


As technological systems become more complex it becomes increasingly difficult to identify safety hazards and to control their impact. Plant Managers and Engineers are becoming more aware that safety and risk touch on every aspect of the day to day running of their Plants and engineering and process systems if they are to comply with ever changing and demanding International, and National environmental and economic values and standards.
Unsafe systems can result in money being lost due to accidents, disruption to production, criminal and civil prosecutions, loss of market share, and the degradation of company assets and the environment. The emphasis is on engineering design aspects of Process Safety Management and it will highlight the safeguarding aspects of processing equipment inside the plant. Techniques for analysing and mitigating process safety hazards applicable to Oil & Gas, Chemical and Process industries, related to hydrocarbons and chemical processing will be reviewed

Learning Outcomes

 Comprehensive understanding of different aspects of process design that influence process safety

 Knowledge on the mechanical structure integrity of process equipment

 Familiarity with hazards associated with process fluids regarding material degradation

 Knowledge of how to operate with emergency depressuring systems (EDP) system for prevention of fire and gas explosions.

How you study

Formal lectures and Student centered learning.


Course work/Assignments 60%
Research Proposal 40%