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The Institute of Petroleum Studies-Kampala (IPSK) is looking for an experienced IT Manager, with a passion for Security and efficiency. S/he will be handling set-up, configuration, and support for internal Networks, performing maintenance, evaluation, installation and, trainings for the Institute’s Learning Management System, ERP System and LAN to ensure their performance meet user needs. Demonstrable ability to develop and maintain high grade websites is an added advantage. 
Planning, developing and implementing ICT policies and strategies;
Use security measures to protect data and guide the conduct of employees in relation to protection of data;
Spearhead the procurement of appropriate ICT equipment;
Monitor primary response and intervention in information technology and related Security incidents and violations;
Monitor and perform regular and on-demand systems backups and recoveries;
Develop, implement, test and maintain server level disaster recovery plans;
Collect, organize, review systems data for capacity and planning purposes;
Keep current with the security and monitoring technologies, software, hardware, applicable laws and regulations through training and skills development              opportunities;
Identify training needs of the users and address them appropriately;
Provide Computer Orientation to new Company Staff;
Install, configure, and maintain personal computer, networks, file servers, Ethernet networks, cabling and other related equipment, devices and systems;            adds or upgrades and configure modems, disk drives, data acquisition boards, CD ROM units, printers and related equipment;
Ensure timely user notification of maintenance requirements and effects on systems availability;
Maintain confidentiality with regard to the information being processed, stored or accessed by the network;
Administer network workstations, utilizing one or more TCP/IP or non-TCP/IP networking protocols and, or one or more operating systems;
Perform any such computer network cabling and, or hardware installations as may be required from time to time, in line with the growth needs of the                  Institutions;
Monitor, troubleshoot and support critical network services;
Plan and implement network security, including building firewalls, applying cryptography to network applications, managing host security, file permissions,            backup and disaster recovery plans, file system integrity, and user account management;
Develop and conduct training and instruction for system users, assist users in maximizing use of network and computing systems;
Identify utilization patterns and their effect on operation/system availability and performance expectations;
Anticipate communication and network problems and implement preventive measures;
Establish and perform maintenance programs following Company and Vendor standards/manufacturer’s guidelines;
Investigate, recommend and install enhancements and operating procedures that optimize network availability;
Perform systems administration duties on databases, content, application and other services including, installing, debugging, maintaining, upgrading and              general system support;
Install and maintain software system logs;
Proactively monitor all Servers, applications and services using a combination of tools to ensure high availability;
Rigorously create and maintain documentation for all system maintenance processes and procedures, network problems and resolutions for future                      reference;
Liaise and schedule with suppliers for the service and repair of IT equipment under warranty or maintenance contract;
Perform any other related duties and special projects as assigned to you by your Immediate Supervisor.

Disclaimer: This job description is not an exhaustive list of the skill¬set, effort, duties, and responsibilities associated with the job position. 
o Hands on Experience of at least five (05) years;
o Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, from a recognized Institution;
o A recognition as a CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA);
o Well-balanced experience in Systems and Networking;
o S/he should be a team player, self-motivated, able to work under pressure and with minimum supervision.
o A good understanding of relevant national and international laws regarding Information Technology.
o The ability to display and adhere to a code of absolute Confidentiality
o Ability to work independently with a high level of Integrity and self-motivation 
o Excellent  organizational, interpersonal, and presentation skills
o An analytical, problem¬-solving and creative work approach
o Effective verbal and written communications skills 
o A Strategic thinker
o A good understanding of the Institutions Structures and functions
THE APPLICATION: Interested candidates should submit the following, (please note that incomplete applications will not be considered): 
1. One¬page summary of your qualifications and experience, indicating how you meet   the   expected   skill¬set   and   competencies   for   the   position   and,   your motivation for applying (your signature is required on the document). Also, quote the source of the advertisement. 
2. Use the address: The Human Resources Office, Institute of Petroleum Studies, Kampala (IPSK)
3. Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English (please include your current residence address,   telephone   number,   and   email   address,   date   of   birth,   gender   and nationality);  
4. Copies   of   Academic   Transcripts and Certificates  (preferably   certified  Academic documents  are required) 
5. Names, full contact details and email addresses, of at least three (03) referees.
6. Email your Application to:
The Institute of Petroleum Studies, Kampala (IPSK), is an equal opportunity employer.  
***Only short¬listed candidates will be contacted.
Ambassador Mbabazi-Araali



  1. Thou shalt beware: Uganda, Pearl of Africa, Gifted by God;Who deeded Petroleum to born in 21st Century. From Upstream, through Midstream to Downstream, “God's Own Country” is at a Hydrocarbons Cross Roads.
  2. Thou shalt Adopt austere policies to ensure the State joining EITI (Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative); public access to PSAs (Production Sharing Agreements); PWYE (Publish What You Earn) for Government; PWYP (Publish What You Pay) for oil companies; creating an independent PIAC (Public Interest Accountability Convention) and a credible HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) framework.
  3. Thou shalt Believe in Petroleum as a strategic valuable Mineral Resource; but non-renewable and finite that shalt exhaust ultimately; thence must be sustainably used to advance the promotion of Renewable Energy Resources (RER).
  4. Thou shalt Establish and operate credible National Petroleum Institutions (Ministries/Departments/Agencies/Workers Unions) of impeccable world class standards with high level human resource capacity building Innovations.
  5. Thou shalt Safeguard, always, Peoples' land, water and air; the fauna, the flora, the biodiversity, against human grabbing, pollution, and destruction throughout the Petroleum value-chain; thence ensuring Regeneration and Human Security.
  6. Thou shalt Drive the Petroleum sector to grow and build strong and sustainable Host Community, Local and National Content Development with requisite science education, technology, capacity, businesses, competences, and bank financing.
  7. Thou shalt Utilize the Country's Petroleum resources and revenues to significantly cause speedy achievement of poverty abolition and create eternal added value to ALL in society.
  8. Thou shalt Provide for the Country's and People's vital  National Interest  to be adequately protected and promoted with competent Foreign, Defense and Security Policies (FDSP) deemed of a new Pan-African Petro State.
  9. Thou shalt Ensure effective and efficient partition of Government roles of licensing, regulation, and commercial aspects of the Petroleum industry; thence guaranteeing Industry Perestroika and Glasnost, Good governance, Transparency and Accountability.
  10. Thou shalt Set up and run, judiciously a Petroleum Sovereign Wealth  Trust / Fund and Host Community Development Trust/Fund but shalt never ever utilize the Funds for disruptive partisan politics and patronage that cause more Doom and Gloom than Boom.



  1. Thou shalt not Covet nor steal thy neighbours' Petroleum reservoirs, reserves and/or resources; across lakes, rivers and land borders; thence ensuring regional Peace and Security; avoiding Petro-aggression evils.
  2. Thou shalt not but Honour the almighty Albertine Graben, listen to and respect the Host Communities; love and protect the Environment and the VECs (Valued Ecosystem Components); build modern Infrastructure; render befitting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and banish PID (Poverty, Ignorance and Disease)
  3. Thou shalt not Enable Petroleum to engineer in-country the Paradox of Plenty, or the Paradox of Poverty Amidst Plenty or the Oil Resource Curse; show casting Uganda as inertly Rich Underground and overtly Poor above ground; So Rich, Yet So Poor!
  4. Thou shalt not but Act with serenity in support of Women and Youth in Petroleum through sustainable affirmative Science Education, Empowerment, Employment, and Entrepreneurship.
  5. Thou shalt not Promote the Uganda Petro State to be Corrupted by the production and consumption of pervasive Unaccountability, secretive Resource Mismanagement Practices and Vices, diminutive Transparency; and not so good Governance.
  6. Thou shalt not Permit doubtful SESIAs (Strategic Environmental and Social Impact Assessments); Rent Seeking processes; enticement to  local internal conflicts; excessive borrowing; unmanaged oil price volatility and untamed DDS (Dutch Disease Syndrome).
  7. Thou shalt not Endanger the Country's energy and commercial oil interests, domestic and foreign, but shalt craft international best practices and achieve Win-Win Partnerships; thence wisely beneficiating Resource nationalism.
  8. Thou shalt not Disempower the People and their Parliaments from taking strong legislative, oversight and budgetary control functions over petroleum resources and revenues for sustained national health, educational, commercial, agricultural and industrial growth and development for ALL.
  9. Thou shalt not but prudently Invest oil revenues to specific, targeted support to Agricultural Modernization and Agro processing through soft loans, facilitated market access, subsidized access to fertilizers and equipment and a large competent extension work force.
  10. Thou shalt not but Agree to a fair benefit-sharing mechanism of petroleum revenues with direct income payments to Citizens which shalt be taxed; thence disallowing increasingly unequal and segmented distribution of oil wealth.
  11. Thou shalt stand warned “In this 21st century, as hast manifested other where, as thou sees' now, furthering on…thou shalt shudder:  Petroleum shalt wreak dilapidation upon us…True…True… Petroleum is Satan's Feculence. CureOilCurse  is do or die.”

The “21 Commandments of Oil for 21st Century Uganda” were authored by Ambassador Mbabazi-Araali, a retired Ugandan Senior Foreign Service Officer, a career diplomat of several decades and from 2013 to end 2016 was deployed at the Uganda Embassy, Abu Dhabi, UAE as Deputy Head of Mission and Head of Chancery. He is a West African trained Senior Management expert (Mini-MBA) in the Petroleum industry (at NNPC up to 2010) and an awarded Researcher in local content development and capacity building. He is also an experienced Energy Analyst on the Maghreb and Mashrek (including the Gulf) region.



  Irene Muloni (R), the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development and Roger Cressey, the CEO Armour Energy display a Memorandum of Understanding certificate after signing the oil exploration licence on Sept. 14. INDEPENDENT/JIMMY SIYA

Kampala, Uganda | RONALD MUSOKE | On Sep 14, the Ugandan government signed a production sharing agreement with the Australian Armour Energy Ltd and issued a petroleum exploration licence, the first under the competitive licensing round for oil and gas unveiled two years ago.

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